Kookmin Card(KB card, KB국민카드) is a Korean credit card company of KB Financial group.

About credit card products of KB

Most of cash back cards from KB have complicated spending rules.

About check card products of KB

Basically, you can get a KB check card when only you have an opened account in KB bank. But some check cards are available for Shinhan and NH customers.

Almost check cards from KB require a minimum amount for each spending. For example, if you don't spend 10,000 KRW at once in a C-store with your KB check card, you won't get its reward easily unless you overspend with the card. But some check cards (eg. 누리체크카드, 금융포인트리체크카드, Liiv Mate체크카드) provide reward benefits for small spendings.

This card company has the most detail and strict merchant categories. Furthermore, since lots of shops registered in a wrong merchant category, it sometimes happens that you can't get rewards in certain shops that look like qualified for your card benefit.
신용카드사(Credit card company)
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