Shinhan Bank (신한은행) is a Korean commercial bank and one of 4대 시중 은행(4 major banks).

If you're a Japanese or foreigner living in Japan, and you want to send money to this bank, it'd be better to use SBJ銀行(Shinhan Bank Japan). They won't charge the outgoing transfer fees for KRW transfers.

Shinhan Bank is one of the most conservative and restrict banks against frauds and money laundering. Because of this character of the bank, If you're thinking to open an account in this bank, you'll likely get struggled with banking them, especially when you increase the money transfer limits.

Once you open an account, it will be a '금융거래한도계좌1', which has a small limit on transferring/withdrawing money. Once you prove the purpose of the account, it will become '금융거래한도계좌2'(You must apply for it in a branch). But unlike the other banks, it still has the money transfer limit up to 5 million KRW a day, while other banks set 10 million KRW ~ 100 million KRW.

Here's the detailed rule :
Account Internet banking transfer limit (A day) To raise the limit, you'll need...
금융거래한도계좌1 300k KRW 1. Proof of your employment
2. Qualified banking history
(Direct debits from your Shinhan account, At least 3~6 months)
3. Loan/credit card application
4. Some tellers could suggest other documents for raising the limit.
금융거래한도계좌2 1.5 million KRW 1. Salary paid in your Shinhan account for the last 12 months
2. At least 1 million KRW of credit card payment history for the last 6 months
3. Being paid with Shinhan credit cards in your shop for the last 6 months(Business account)
4. Applying and receiving an eligible loan over 7 million won into your account.
정상계좌 Non-OTP Users : 10 million KRW
OTP Users : 500 million KRW

Also, basically, Shinhan does not allow foreign residents to apply for their international check cards(VISA, Mastercard and etc) and postpaid public transport cards. Hence, if you look for an international card, it'd better go to another bank. This rule doesn't apply to their credit cards.

If you want to file a complaint to this bank, click here and learn how.

Contributor : Mitsu Hadeishi
시중은행(Commercial bank)
KFTC Network ID
Telephone number
1599-8000, 1577-8000, 1544-8000
Telephone number (Foreign language)
Telephone number (Overseas)
Telephone number (Overseas, foreign language)

Cash back cards

Point rewards cards

Airline mile rewards cards

Travel cards


수신/이체 관련 수수료(Basic banking fees/Local transfer fees)

Subject Fee Note
Monthly service fee Always free
Online, smartphone transfer to 신한은행 account Always free It's always free regardless of account holders and branches.
Online, smartphone interbank transfer 500 KRW
Automatic interbank transfer 300 KRW

카드 관련 수수료(Card fees)

Subject Fee Note
Issuance of an ATM access card 2,000 KRW
Issuance of a check card Always free

전신료(Telegraphic fee)

Channel Fee
  8,000 KRW

송금수수료(당발송금, Outgoing transfers fee)

Target Channel Corresponding amount of money Fee
국외(International) Online 0 USD ~ 500 USD 2,500 KRW
국외(International) Online 501 USD ~ 2,000 USD 5,000 KRW
국외(International) Online 2,001 USD ~ 5,000 USD 7,500 KRW
국외(International) Online 5,001 USD ~ 20,000 USD 10,000 KRW
국외(International) Online 20,001 USD ~ 12,500 KRW
국외(International) Offline 0 USD ~ 500 USD 5,000 KRW
국외(International) Offline 501 USD ~ 2,000 USD 10,000 KRW
국외(International) Offline 2,001 USD ~ 5,000 USD 15,000 KRW
국외(International) Offline 5,001 USD ~ 20,000 USD 20,000 KRW
국외(International) Offline 20,001 USD ~ 25,000 KRW

수취수수료(타발송금, Incoming transfers fee)

Target Channel Corresponding amount of money Fee
국외(International) 0 USD ~ 100 USD 0 KRW
국외(International) 101 USD ~ 10,000 KRW


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