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신한카드 하이패스(전용) 체크
Shinhan Card hi-pass Check


- You must have an active Shinhan Check Card to apply for this card.
- This card is for only hi-pass(Korean ETC system). You can't use it for purchasing goods and ATM transactions.
- Issuing fee : 5,000 KRW
Networks Annual fee Foreign transaction fee (Purchase)
No annual feeN/A
  • We are always making endeavours to bring all possible information to you. However, there could still be some missing information or benefits about the product. We strongly recommend you to get a detailed consultation from the card issuer.
Card type
Check card
Issued by
To apply, you must have an account in one of these institutions
KB국민은행, NH농협은행, 농협(농축협조합), 우리은행, 신한은행
Available networks
Availability for new members
Integrated transport card
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