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위메프 원더페이 신한카드 체크
Wemakeprice Wonder Pay Shinhan Card Check

Benefit / Reward services of the card

  • The following benefits are what you can get by using this card for buying or paying for something in shops.
  • Some benefits may require some preconditions such as shop categories and minimun spending requirement. Click and see the notices described in each perk.
  • O2O   0.5 % Wemakeprice Wonder Point(위메프 원더포인트) rewards on Wemakeprice Wonder Pay use
    Total last month spending of this card 0 KRW ~
    Monthly Reward limit 50,000
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    - For more information about the reward programme, please refer to: 위메프 원더포인트.
    - You must use one of the following Digital wallet services with this card : Wonder Pay(원더페이). You may need a smartphone with a carrier network plan.

  • ALL   0.1 % Wemakeprice Wonder Point(위메프 원더포인트) rewards on All purchases


    - For more information about the reward programme, please refer to: 위메프 원더포인트.
    - Exceptions(No reward for the following purchases) : All purchases made with other cards, Debit transaction through the bank network(은행공동망 이용 직불거래), ATM withdrawal(자동화기기 인출금액), Service fees including annual fee and foreign transaction fee (해외이용 수수료 및 연회비를 포함한 각종 수수료), Cancelled or refunded purchases(구매 취소건), Installment purchases without interest(무이자할부 구매), Gift or Prepaid card(기프트 또는 선불카드), National tax(국세), Local tax(지방세), Apartment maintenance fee(아파트관리비), Gas bill(도시가스 요금), Electricity bill(전기요금), National Health Insurance Service(국민건강보험), National Pension Service(국민연금), Employment insurance(고용보험), Workers'Compensation Insurance(산재보험)

Networks Annual fee Foreign transaction fee (Purchase)
No annual fee1% + 0.2%
No annual feeN/A
  • All shops described in this page mean only the local merchants accept credit/check cards in Korea, unless otherwise noted or marked with the word "Overseas".
  • All shops that accept credit/check cards may have a merchant code determined and assigned by the shop, card issuer or network provider, and it's the key criteria for earning or not earning rewards for making purchases in a specific shop. If the shop doesn't have a merchant code in that category, even though a shop or some of the items that it sells may appear to fit within a rewards category, purchases in that shop won't qualify for rewards on purchases in that category and you won't be able to earn the basic, special or additional rewards on the purchases. Also, if the shop isn't in the exception for earning rewards, the purchases could qualify for the rewards. The categories may vary with the issuers and the ways of making purchases.
  • We are always making endeavours to bring all possible information to you. However, there could still be some missing information or benefits about the product. We strongly recommend you to get a detailed consultation from the card issuer.
Card type
Check card
Issued by
To apply, you must have an account in one of these institutions
IBK기업은행, KB국민은행, NH농협은행, 농협(농축협조합), 우리은행, 우체국예금보험, 하나은행, 신한은행
Available networks
MasterCard, Local
Availability for new members
Supplementary card for your family member(가족카드)
Integrated transport card
Optional (Deferred payment)
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