KEB Hana Card is a Korean credit card company owned by Hana Financial Group.

KEB Hana Card doesn't allow you to apply for a card through their website as a foreigner. You must visit a KEB Hana bank for card application.

KEB Hana bank and their family companies, including KEB Hana card, are quite popular among foreigners, but KEB Hana card has a bad reputation among Korean nationals. They ranked first among other credit card issuers in terms of the number of consumer complaints submitted to the FSS(금융감독원, Financial Supervisory Service) in 2018 (Source, Korean language). Some Korean credit card users nicknamed it '화나카드' (Hwana(Angry) card).

If you have a KEB Hana bank account, I strongly recommend you to get a Hana check card. (even if you don' use it) because if you lose your wallet and all of your cards, you may need to report them but most of the card companies don't operate the 24/7 English report of loss centre, but Hana card does. With a single call with Hana card, you can suspend all of your cards, even they're from other companies or banks. To suspend your card, just call their English service centre(1544-3500), ask them that you lost your cards and want to suspend all of them at once, and then your money will be safe.
신용카드사(Credit card company)
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