Samsung card (삼성카드) is a Korean credit card company of Samsung Group.

Costco Korea used to accept Samsung card and Foreign Visa card. From 24th May 2019, Samsung card will no longer be accepted in Costco Korea. You'll need to get a Hyundai card to buy with card in Costco.

Where to apply(Offline)

  • SKT, KT or LG U+ for co-branded cards.
  • Costco, Homeplus, E-mart and several hypermarkets. You can find a salesperson's kiosk inside the mart.
  • Shinsegae Card Centre (inside Shinsegae Dept Store).
  • SC Bank, KDB Bank, MG or other co-branded banks.

Samsung card is one of the toughest credit card companies that foreign residents can challenge. You must work for one of the following companies and organisations, otherwise, you won't be qualified for a Samsung credit card, no matter how your credit score is and how much you earn or your property is. : A company of Samsung Group, Korean or local government agency, law firm, hospital(Doctor), public school(Teacher) or other eligible company with enough capital. For ordinary companies, Samsung card never mentioned how your company should be big, but most of private hagwons and small factories aren't eligible for this.
신용카드사(Credit card company)
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