Wooricard(우리카드) is a Korean card company owned by Wooribank(우리은행).

The main features of their card products are complicated spending rules, a small reward amount and minimum spending amount requirement on each purchase(10,000 KRW). Their card products are not good for customers who spend a small amount of money on each purchase. All of Woori cards are BC cards.

You can use your Wooricard to recharge your T-Money in GS25.

You can't own more than 10 active credit/check cards in Woori card.

For more detail about credit card eligibility and required documents, click here.
신용카드사(Credit card company)
Telephone number
1588-9955, 1599-9955
Telephone number (Foreign language)
Telephone number (Overseas)
Telephone number (Overseas, foreign language)

Prepaid cards (Reloadable)


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