Moa Point(모아포인트) is a reward programme offered by 우리카드 and 우리은행.

Most of Woori point cards give Moa Point rewards by default. If you sign up for Wibee Members, All of your Moa points will be transferred into 위비꿀머니.

If you have an L.Point co-branded Woori card, you can transfer it to L.Point.

Use / Redemption

  • Cash back

    1 Point = 1 KRW Minimum requirement : 1
  • Statement credit

    1 Point = 1 KRW Minimum requirement : 1

Outgoing transfers

Incoming transfers

Credit/check cards offer this rewards

Important notice

- All reward points may expire in 60 months(=5 years) unless otherwise noted in the Introduction.
- Those transfer information can be changed by the operator, without any prior notice.
- The 모아포인트 reward programme is operated by or on behalf of and is subject to terms, conditions and restrictions. For details, please visit