Standard Chartered Bank Korea(SC제일은행, Also known as SC은행, 제일은행, and 한국스탠다드차타드은행) is a Korean bank owned by Standard Chartered, a British financial group.

You can check if you're qualified for their loans over the phone if you're a Korean citizen.

About account plans of SC

There are two styles of account plans. One is for free withdrawal at any bank ATM. Two is for a higher interest rate. Or both of them.

About card products from SC

They have their own BC cards and co-branded cards from Samsung cards.

SC BC cards, their legacy card products offered larger benefits compared to the other card companies but discontinued most of them right after the partnership announcement with Samsung card. Still, only a few credit and check cards are available.

Note that you can't make an online overseas purchase with SC BC Visa cards, and all SC check cards.

Credit/check cards from SC Samsung card are the same as the original Samsung cards, except they added the logo and money access function on it.

SC BC Cards are the only credit cards in Korea with an English billing statement. However, the bank announced that they'll discontinue their payment card business in Korea on 1st Nov 2022. They'll issue Samsung cards and Hyundai cards instead.

I recommend this bank to you because ...

  • You can withdraw money from your SC Bank account freely at any ATM if applicable.

But you must consider these before banking with this bank ...

  • They have the oldest mainframe system among Korean banks. Hence, you won't be able to do some transactions at night time and every weekend.
시중은행(Commercial bank)
KFTC Network ID
Telephone number
Telephone number (Foreign language)
Telephone number (Overseas, foreign language)

수신/이체 관련 수수료(Basic banking fees/Local transfer fees)

Subject Fee Note
Monthly service fee Always free
Online, smartphone transfer to SC제일은행 account Always free It's always free regardless of account holders and branches.
Online, smartphone interbank transfer 500 KRW
Automatic interbank transfer 300 KRW

카드 관련 수수료(Card fees)

Subject Fee Note
Issuance of an ATM access card 2,000 KRW
Issuance of a check card Always free

전신료(Telegraphic fee)

Channel Fee
  8,000 KRW

송금수수료(당발송금, Outgoing transfers fee)

Target Channel Corresponding amount of money Fee
국외(International) 0 USD ~ 2,000 USD 7,000 KRW
국외(International) 2,001 USD ~ 4,000 USD 10,000 KRW
국외(International) 4,001 USD ~ 6,000 USD 12,000 KRW
국외(International) 6,001 USD ~ 8,000 USD 15,000 KRW
국외(International) 8,001 USD ~ 10,000 USD 18,000 KRW
국외(International) 10,001 USD ~ 20,000 USD 20,000 KRW
국외(International) 20,001 USD ~ 40,000 USD 25,000 KRW
국외(International) 40,001 USD ~ 30,000 KRW

수취수수료(타발송금, Incoming transfers fee)

Target Channel Corresponding amount of money Fee
국외(International) 0 USD ~ 300 USD 0 KRW
국외(International) 301 USD ~ 10,000 KRW


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