Transaction fee waiver benefits of this account plan

Condition Fees waived
500,000 KRW or more of payroll deposit (into this account) Fee waiver I(Unlimted)
+ Fee waiver II(5 times a month)
500,000 KRW or more of payroll deposit
AND 1 eligible direct debit or saving from this account
Fee waiver I(Unlimted)
+ Fee waiver II(10 times a month)
Signed up for Hana Members application Fee waiver I(10 times a month)

Eligible direct debit or saving : KEB Hana Bank pension payment, apartment maintenance fee payment, KEB Hana card, Hyundai card payment(Credit/Check), KEB Hana card/BC card member shop deposits by the card company, utility bill payment, housing ssubscription deposit

Fee waiver I Fee waiver II
1. Cash withdrawals from KEB Hana Bank ATMs
2. Interbank transfers at KEB Hana Bank ATMs
3. Online interbank transfers
4. Automatic interbank transfers
1. Cash withdrawals at non-KEB Hana Bank ATMs
(White-label ATMs, Co-branded ATMs are not applicable)
2. Interbank transfers at bank window.

If you lose your job or take medical or parental leave, you can apply for the fee waivers I and II(5 times a month) for 6 months without getting payroll deposit into this account. You need to contact a nearby KEB Hana Bank branch with proofs.
Account plan of
Account type (Korean)
Interest Rate
0.1% ~ 1.5%
Insured by KDIC
All individuals