Costco(코스트코) is a warehouse club chain by Costco Wholesale Corporation, a multinational company from the USA.

In Korea, Costco became the most successful Non-Korean retailer, while Walmart and Carrefour closed their shops and sold their business in Korea a long time ago.

Costco is a membership-only shop, meaning you must sign up for their membership before shopping. The annual fee is 38,500 KRW(Individuals, Gold Star), 33,000 KRW(Business members) and 80,000 KRW(Executive Gold Star, Executive Business Members). Once you sign up and get a membership card, you can shop at Costco around the world. In other words, you can bring your Costco membership card from your home country and shop at Costco Korea. However, Digital membership cards are not accepted and you must carry a physical membership card.

Costco takes only designated credit/check cards. In Korea, they accept only Hyundai cards, foreign VISA cards and foreign Costco co-branded cards from 24th May 2019. Before that, they had taken Samsung cards and foreign cards. If you don't have any of them, you can pay in cash.
국내 신용카드 가맹점(Local merchant in Korea)
Merchant category *
대형마트 업종(Hypermarket)
* Actual registered merchant category may vary according to credit card companies and banks. Be aware that even if you use one of the cards listed in this page for purchasing goods or services from this shop, if the shop is not in the merchant category for benefit, your spending won't be qualified for earning rewards.

Credit/check cards that offer a benefit in this shop