Citibank Korea(한국씨티은행) is a Korean bank owned by Citigroup.

Citibank Korea is the only Korean bank offers their revolving credit cards to customers by default, like the card companies and banks in America. If you get a new credit card from a bank or card company, you'll have to pay the full amount of your spending each month. So the things people (and even in this website) usually call "Credit card" in Korea, they're not actually credit cards, but they're charge cards. But Citibank Korea offers the real credit cards, which always come with the revolving function. If you want to apply for a charge card from Citibank Korea, you must find '전액결제카드'.

On 16th April 2021, Citibank Korea announced that they're going to exit their consumer banking business. On 25th Oct, They announced that they will shut down their individual banking business instead of selling it to another bank. However, your existing accounts will remain active until you close them.

Citibank announced that they'll stop accepting new customers from 15th Feb 2022.
시중은행(Commercial bank)
KFTC Network ID
Telephone number
Telephone number (Card)
Telephone number (Foreign language)
Telephone number (Foreign language, Card)
Telephone number (Overseas)
This institution does not provide consumer banking services in Korea.

수신/이체 관련 수수료(Basic banking fees/Local transfer fees)

Subject Fee Note
Monthly service fee 5,000 KRW 5,000 KRW per account will be charged. To waive the fee, you must be qualified for ONE of these :
- You're under 19 or older than 59.
- You're a Citi Private banking customer.(Citi Priority, Citigold, Citi Private Client)
- You have 10 million KRW of eligible total balance(Deposit, Investment, Trust, and Insurance) in Citibank Korea.
- You became a Citibank Korea customer before 8th March 2017.
- You're a recipient of national basic living or employment subsidy, legally recognised disabled or North Korean defector.

Also, your account will be eligible for getting waived of the fee if :
- Your account is linked to your Citi credit card, savings account, fund or loan payment.
- You didn't in-person banking with your account. If you used only ATM, Internet and mobile banking system, the fee won't be charged.
Online, smartphone transfer to 한국씨티은행 account Always free It's always free regardless of account holders and branches.
Online, smartphone interbank transfer Always free
Automatic interbank transfer 300 KRW

카드 관련 수수료(Card fees)

Subject Fee Note
Issuance of an ATM access card Always free
Issuance of a check card 50,000 KRW Offline application for a Mastercard check card.
Issuance of a check card 10,000 KRW Online application for a Mastercard check card (Korean citizens only).
Issuance of a check card Always free Offline application for a local-use only check card.

전신료(Telegraphic fee)

Channel Fee
  8,000 KRW

송금수수료(당발송금, Outgoing transfers fee)

Target Channel Corresponding amount of money Fee
국외(International) Online   0 KRW
국외(International) Offline 0 USD ~ 1,000 USD 7,000 KRW
국외(International) Offline 1,001 USD ~ 5,000 USD 12,000 KRW
국외(International) Offline 5,001 USD ~ 23,000 KRW

수취수수료(타발송금, Incoming transfers fee)

Target Channel Corresponding amount of money Fee
국외(International) 0 USD ~ 100 USD 0 KRW
국외(International) 101 USD ~ 10,000 KRW


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