Basic interest rate tiers

Period Interest rate
6 Months 1.0 %
1 Year 1.4 %
2 Years 1.5 %
3 Years 1.7 %

You can increase its interest rate if you make these transactions

Condition Additional rate Applied until expiry
More than 500,000 KRW of payroll deposit 0.1 % Yes
Set your 입출금자유예금 account as card payment account in the bank 0.1 % No
Set automatic deposit into this account (More than 1 KRW) 0.1 % No
Completed direct debits (아파트관리비) with 입출금자유예금 account in the bank 0.1 % No
More than 1 times of online or mobile banking withdrawal or transfer transaction

You must use KB스타뱅킹 Application.

0.1 % No
More than 5 years you have been customer of the bank 0.1 % Yes
Be a new customer of the bank 0.1 % Yes
Have opened account '주택청약종합저축' in the bank 0.1 % Yes
Set a precious day

If you open this account, you must mark a precious day within the account period.

0.1 % Yes
Total (The sum of preferential and basic rates can't exceed the account's maximum interest rate) 0.9 %  
Account plan of
Account type (Korean)
Interest type
Simple Interest
Deposit limitation (Monthly)
10,000 KRW ~ 3,000,000 KRW
Interest Rate
1% ~ 2.3%
Insured by KDIC
All individuals